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The Official Hectic Films Blog: ☆Jin N Tonic☆ Interview (2016)

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Tonic jin n The Official

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Tonic jin n Yo. I'm

Tonic jin n #JNT 2013

Enjoy at your own risk! Jin N Tonic is a full-time actor, model, badass based in Los Angeles.

  • To be perfectly honest, gin is actually recommended by scientists for sufferers of diabetes.

  • Fact Check: We strive for accuracy and fairness.

The use of assorted fruits, herbs, and vegetables, as garnish reflecting the botanicals of the individual gin , is increasingly popular.

  • Muddled cucumbers or fruit provide an extra dose of refreshment, and a measure of dry vermouth softens the cocktail.

  • After doing some research, ratios can vary.

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