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Is there some sort of pimping going on and what do the girls get from it? Dangerous drugs such as crack cocaine are sold by numerous players ranging from prominent business people, middle class traders and several active and low-key runners whose names were made known to this paper.

  • There were also reports of concealing symptoms to avoid questions that may lead to disclosure of sexual identity or sex worker status, leading to inaccurate diagnosis, inadequate treatment and often risky self-diagnosis.

  • They might support me morally but not financially because there's this belief that the LGBTI community infects each other, they are reckless and their multiple partners, that you got it yourself and they will come and visit and bring fruits but for the other problems they say that I should go to my community that I say understands me, they should pay for me.

Key populations experience unnecessary suffering from untreated conditions, exclusion from healthcare and extreme psychological distress.

  • FGLGBB5 Lesbian woman, 40, focus group Masvingo Sex workers described becoming highly mobile to escape identification, jeopardising continuity of healthcare, or concealing their profession to secure treatment.

  • During subsequent analysis, the themes were developed further and refined with particular attention paid to non-confirmatory cases where emerging themes contradicted more common ideas.